Rollerblade Zetrablade Woman

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 149,95.Huidige prijs is: € 119,95.

Zetrablade W features unbeatable support and comfort in its price range. It helps create a positive first experience so learning will be easier and more comfortable. The wheel/bearing mix is ideal for skating with very controllable speeds and response. The secure closure system helps lock the feet in for a great fit and the frame is integrated with the shell to be as low as possible to lower the center of gravity which is a true benefit for beginners. A better skate will make skating better and Zetrablade W is a great first skating partner.

– BEST FIRST INLINE SKATE Zetrablade W is a great entry level skate that can suffice the needs of beginner & casual skaters on a budget. It is supportive, comfortable and easy to use with a smooth ride.
– HIGH CUFF FOR ADDED SUPPORT makes learning how to skate easier with the stiff, supportive shell. Also unmatched quality and durabiity.
– COMFORTABLE PERFORMANCE LINER has ample padding to ensure comfort for any skater. The closure system adds to the overall fit and elevates the feel of this entry level skate.
– BEST FRAME FOR LEARNING The durable, monocoque frame is integrated with the shell for a lower center of gravity to enhance stability, balance and control which are crucial for beginners.
– PERFECT WHEELS FOR LEARNING Rollerblade 80mm/82A wheels blend speed and control perfectly for a moderate skate pace. SG5 bearings provide a smooth, easy ride.

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